SATCH  Mavericks Volleyball

Sports Association of Texas for Christian Homeschoolers
2016, 2015, 2014, & 2012 NCHVC National Champions

What People Are Saying About Lady Mavericks Volleyball

"I can't say enough about this SATCH volleyball organization and the coaches. When I signed my daughter up last year, what I wanted for her was to meet some other homeschooling girls her age and learn a skill that would keep her physically active.What we got was wonderful friendships for both her and myself, a love for volleyball and volleyball skills WAY beyond what I expected. What a year we had! Those girls that she spent the year with are so well-mannered, so mature, so "no drama" ... gotta love those homeschool kids!!!!!!!!!! If you play in the Fall with SATCH, their coaches work so hard to make the girls successful while keeping their eyes on God, the Giver of all good things and the talents within each girl. They prayed a lot on and off the court, before and after games as a group ... it was wonderful." (Mrs. T)

"We have been with SATCH for four years. We like it because the high school girls want to play competitively. SATCH Volleyball is just like a school team. The coaches are great and very knowledgeable. If you're just not sure what it's all about or what it's like, come and give it a try." (Mrs. J)

"WOW!  We are VERY IMPRESSED with YOU ALL!  It is nice to be with an organization that sees "what is wrong" and "addresses it on the spot!"  We are VERY THANKFUL that you all have worked so diligently with the players! My daughter has learned MORE IN 1 MONTH ...than in a year at another place!" (Mrs. M)

"This will be our third year in SATCH Volleyball. This is a really strong organization. My daughter has developed some good friendships as well as volleyball skills. Truly, you can come into SATCH Volleyball with no skills or have amazing skills - and fit right in either way. The Jr High Team, which is the one we have played on, has a great team spirit. The girls have fun, play hard, and are friends outside of the game as well. It is fun watching the players develop from the first practice to the season end. It is often amazing! If you are considering a sport for your daughter, I just wanted to share that SATCH Volleyball is an awesome opportunity for you and her." (Mrs. C)

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